Base RDS Registered Users

First, let’s begin with two frequently asked questions–okay we’ll go right to the answers:

  • Yes, you can download the Base RDS package for free.
  • Yes, you can give it to others for free.
  • No, you do not have to pay for it if you really do not want to.
  • No, it does not cover the other cost packages such as %FEWCHART.  Sorry.

Why become a “registered user” then?

We can only estimate how much time has been spent on development of the Base RDS SAS Macro Package. Over the past 20+ years of testing, development, re-testing, and re-development it’s got to come to well over 5,000 hours of time. Many of the individual macros themselves took over two weeks in development and testing.

How much time would it take to do that yourself in re-development?  Heck, if we sent you the code and you just hired someone to type it you’re looking at a whopper of work!

We’re asking individuals who find value in this software package to send us seven lousy stinking bucks. If you are a company, we ask a bit more: forty-five dollars. Face it, you couldn’t hire anyone on our staff for even half an hour at that rate.

Think of it as a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you get your money back. Only you never sent it. So if you like it, then please send us a little something to help keep the lights on.

Individual registered user  – $7.00

For any one person. And sure, you can give it away. If they like it, we hope they come here and become an individual registered user as well.  Click the link below, send us the payment and you’re done.

Company registered user – $45.00

If you are a company, you can spend a few more bucks on this software. Forty-five is still really cheap and you’ll cover everyone at your firm as a registered user. Click the link below, send us the payment and you’re done.