Back by popular demand!

A few years back we closed down the SPIKEware website, thinking that we were done with the world of “Have SAS, Will Travel” contract programming. After well over a decade of success, we made some changes in our personal lives and decided that less time should be spent focusing on growing a business and more time on growing our families.

While that’s still true, we’ve also noticed that there seems to be a need for the tools that we developed–plus we keep putting together new ones that people seem to find valuable. So we decided to set this site up to provide ongoing support for the macro utilities we created (and still use today) while having a place to put out the new stuff.

Please bear in mind that we have full-time jobs, just like you… so sometimes this website may be at the mercy of the demands of our employers. Naturally we will not be releasing anything that is covered under confidentiality agreements (so please don’t even ask) but at the same time there is a lot of basic general and specialized knowledge about SAS Software that we have gained over the years and are willing to share.

We will be rolling out our information (macros, utilities, whitepapers, and more) with a target launch date of May 1, 2015. Check back often, participate in discussions, and make this your community for learning SAS software–beginner or expert!

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